the fact that a technically imperfect photograph – in the conventional sense – can provoke more emotions than a technically perfect one will come as a shock to those naive enough to believe that the true value of a photograph lies in its technical perfection.

(Quote: Andreas Feininger).     


along those lines, you will find my current thoughts and what moves me here. what i display here changes perpetually, just as my thoughts and my interests do. i look forward to your feedback, whether to tell me that you like what you're seeing - or if not, to give me some constructive criticism. with that said: enjoy taking a look and reading!    

if you particularly like a certain picture and you would like to receive a copy, contact me. i will be happy to help you with the choice of the material and to answer any remaining questions. in case you're looking for a concept for your office or practice, i can help you in any way required. all copies are made by photocircle according to your standards, ensuring highest quality. curios? get in touch....